Welcome to the Astrotropic store. Here you will find a range of handcrafted products blended from the purest natural aromatherapy essential oils and carrier oils. There are crystals with powerful healing and manifestation properties and E-books and more. Everything has been prepared in alignment with the moon phases, sound and other modalities and infused with the power of love and intention. More items are being added so visit again to see what is new. Enjoy exploring the store.

Crystal Power Pouches contain beautiful, energised crystals especially selected for their powerful healing, attraction and manifesting magnetism. There is a mixture of raw, natural rough crystals and smooth, tumbled stones

Astrotropic has created a range of beautiful hand-crafted, 100% pure oils, bath salts and space clearing sprays blended with herbs, essential oils, flower essences and energised with crystals, colour healing, sound vibrations, moon rituals and magic.

Learn how you can align your emotions and responses with the cycle of the Moon to become a Moon entrepreneur. This e-book also includes what each Moon phase means and the best time to harness the creativity of your personal Moon power days to make your wishes a reality.