Oils, salts, sprays

Astrotropic has created a range of beautiful hand-crafted, 100% pure oils, bath salts and space clearing sprays blended with herbs, essential oils, flower essences and energised with crystals, colour healing, sound vibrations, moon rituals and magic. These beautiful sprays and oils help to release blocks, open your inner gifts and attract positive energy shifts to focus intention and to harness star energy. Made with love in Australia.

Venus Goddess Oil
In classical mythology, Venus was the famous Roman goddess of love, beauty and relationships. She represents romance, sensuality, harmony and promotes self-worth. Venus was born of the union of the sea and the sky, sea foam and the ocean. Venus was known in Greece as Aphrodite, whose name translates as “she who comes from the foam”. The sea nymphs blew gentle winds to guide her to land sailing in a clam shell. They were the graces Joyous, Brilliance and Flowering. These are gifts that Venus also wants to reveal beyond the beautiful to support a desire to release your inner beauty, reveal your full potential and appreciate the wonderful opportunities life offers. When you are confident in your own inner radiance you attract love.

Venus was the reluctant wife of Vulcan, god of the forge and handicrafts and this union served to show the uneasy balance of beauty and practical expression. The goddess had other lovers of which the most famous was with Mars, god of war, in a sensual affair that displayed the passion of the attraction of the male and female archetype. Her son was the Trojan prince, who escaped after the fall of Troy and after many adventures, became the founder of Rome. Venus was honoured as the mother of the Roman people.

The goddess was beautiful and also independent, resourceful and passionate. In a busy, modern world Venus offers appreciation of the joys and pleasures in every moment.

The blend of 100% pure, natural essential oils have been energised with gem crystals and sound attuned to the heart centre.

Affirmation: I love myself unconditionally and attract love.

50ml - $18.00

Ingredients: Sweet almond oil, orange sweet, grapefruit white, ylang ylang, patchouli 100% pure, natural essential oils, charged with gem crystals, sound, Moon rituals.

Maha Lakshmi Oil
A blend of 100% pure, natural oils that honour Lakshmi the beautiful Indian goddess of wealth and abundance. She provides happiness, success and joy when you trust in universal energy. The luxurious blend of exotic oils, charged with gem crystals associated with abundance, helps to overcome limiting beliefs and to connect to the wisdom and generosity of the goddess to attract prosperity and blessings.

Affirmation: I attract wealth and abundance.

50ml - $18.00

Ingredients: Sweet almond oil, patchouli, sandalwood, lotus, rose 100% pure, natural essential oils, charged with gem crystals, sound, Moon rituals.

Sun Shine Oil
The Sun is the source of life and your Sun sign is your inner drive, motivation, individuality and vitality. It reveals the true core of your personality and your identity. The 100% pure, natural, hand-blended oil supports and boosts your Sun to express its uniqueness and express your creativity. Massage a few drops on the solar plexus chakra.

Affirmation: I shine with creative life force.

50ml - $18.00

Ingredients: Sweet almond oil, orange sweet, lemon, grapefruit white, geranium bourbon, jasmine absolute, charged with gem crystals, sound.

Luna Oil
The Moon, La Luna, is associated with your subconscious, emotions and instinctive responses. The phases of the Moon reflect your own cycles and moods. Luna Oil strengthens the connection to your intuition and enables you to express your authentic feelings. The oil is hand-blended, 100% pure, natural oils and essential oils, energised with crystals, sound, Moon rituals.

Affirmation: I am in tune with my emotions.

50ml - $18.00

Ingredients: Sweet almond oil, orange sweet, cedarwood atlas, ylang ylang, lime, neroli 100% pure, natural essential oils, charged with gem crystals, sound, Moon rituals.

Space Clearing Energy Lift Spray
The space clearing spray clears negative energy and renews the space with uplifting, light, creative, positive energy.

100% pure, natural essential oils, charged with gem crystals and sound.

125ml - $15.00

Ingredients: Purified water, lemon myrtle, lemon, lemongrass, eucalyptus, peppermint 100% pure, natural essential oils, charged with gem crystals, sound.

Minerva Bath Salts
Minerva was the Roman Goddess of wisdom, courage, creativity and strategic thinking, modelled after the Greek goddess, Pallas Athena. She was also revered as the virgin goddess of music, poetry, medicine, wisdom, commerce, weaving, crafts, and magic. She was certainly an accomplished multi-tasker.

These bath salts contain a 100% pure, natural blend of salts, herbs and oils associated with the goddess which were used in ancient rituals to invoke the power of wise, creative and sassy Minerva.

125g - $10.00

Ingredients: Epsom salts, Australian sea salt, rosemary, lavender, lemon, neroli 100% pure essential oils, olive oil charged with crystals, sound, moon rituals.