Sense of Place

So many people travel and live overseas or away from their place of birth. The personality can really be influenced and transformed in the new landscape and you can seem to act like a different person. This reading looks at the opportunities for growth and expansion and influences in operation in one new city of residence.

Astro Locality Map shows the zones in the world where you can shine. It provides a guide to your best places in the world for romance, work, career, financial opportunities, happiness and more.

Astro Feng Shui

A special personal Astro Feng Shui map can help you align your actions with the natural flow of your personal energy and can boost your opportunities to achieve desired outcomes. If you would like to write, work out, study, enhance your romance or increase your prosperity, the Astro Feng Shui map of your home or office can help you align the flow of energy to improve your success and realise your goals. It is similar to improving the life force or chi in Chinese Feng Shui, however it uses the orientation of your personal astro energies of the planets in your birth chart to create harmony, overcome problems and support your dreams.

The directional lines help you align your intent with the natural energy of your birth chart. It can be used for the place where you live or can radiate out to indicate the best places to pursue an activity. Each planet is responsible for specific activities and the movement along an Astro Feng Shui line adds power and motivation.