Do you need an accurate birth time?
Consultations ideally require an accurate birth time. A general reading for your Sun sign on the day of your birth can provide a great deal of insight. However, there will be much more depth and understanding if you know your birth time. In many cases, the hospital where you were born may keep records that note the time of birth. You could try to contact the hospital directly.

What birth details are needed?
The information required is the date, time and place of birth. If it is a small town, then include the nearest main town to help find the correct location.

When do you need the birth details?
The consultation includes researching the influences of the chart before the actual consultation. The time and place of birth should be supplied at least 3 to 7 days before the consultation to provide time to prepare the chart.

I want to book in for an in-depth reading. Do I need a chart reading session first?
The sessions build on from the themes of the birth chart. For new clients a reading will look at the overall chart or one of the themes, e.g. career, love etc. Then we can explore more in future sessions or look at the year ahead.

What do you need for the Sense of Place reading?
This consultation looks at one city, different from your birth place. It describes the influences in the new location and is more relevant when you are not just on ‘vacation’. If you live in a new country or at a distance from your birth place, this can reveal the different energy of your adopted home.

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