Astrology is not just an esoteric belief system. It is a direct, creative way to harness the signposts of the chart to empower your life. The readings are down-to earth and practical infused with Astro inspiration. I am guided by the chart to explore the themes and stories.

I am practical and grounded and work with the choice-centred, creative possibilities in the chart and the energy trends ahead. I want to inspire and empower you to release limiting beliefs and reconnect with your true potential, both personally and professionally. I do this by conducting individual consultations, workshops, and training programs on various topics in astrology, spiritual growth, personal alignment, intuitive living, leadership, and career change.


Start accelerating down your career path today - find motivation and fulfilment and financial success with this insightful reading! Are you pursuing the right career? Does it celebrate your strengths, creativity and leave you feeling enriched at the end of the day? Are you earning the financial rewards you deserve? Discover your professional career gifts and talents. Look at ways to supercharge your career success.

Further explore the career indicators in the natal chart in depth over 3 sessions. Oracle cards will provide more insight on career choices. A touch of magic, intention and ritual will help overcome obstacles and visualize a career that you love.

Life Purpose

A career is a set of skills and talents you incorporate into your work sphere. A vocation may express itself in the form of a career, however vocation evokes innermost gifts, passions, dreams and life purpose. These themes are explored in a practical session to provide insight into vocational strengths and life direction.

Further explore the life purpose direction in the natal chart in depth over 3 sessions. Includes how to uncover and create the practical steps toward realizing your visions and goals through rituals to help overcome obstacles and limiting beliefs, tarot and oracle cards.


Learn how your love planets influence your love life and relationships. An insight into what enriches your love life and any obstacles that might be holding you back from expressing your heart's desire. Venus has long been admired as the goddess of love and the reading will look at how Venus expresses love and how Venus is influenced by a complex dance of other planetary influences.

Further explore love themes and relationship in the natal chart in depth over 3 sessions. Includes ways to boost your love life and improve your self-confidence with intention and rituals. Oracle cards will help to connect with the wisdom of the universe. The sessions will also provide insight into the needs of your emotional life through your Moon sign and phases.

Luck and Prosperity

Looks at your personal approach to fortune, luck, wealth and prosperity. While you make your own luck, there may be some self-limiting negative beliefs that are hindering the attraction of prosperity. The Luck and Prosperity astrological reading looks at how to identify your individual needs and temperament and then to suggest the ways of creating prosperity which will work out the best for you. Reveals how to harness positive attitudes to abundance and how to take advantage of cycles to support the flow of an abundance mentality.


The energy of the ancient goddesses is invoked in this reading. The discovery of the asteroids has given access to the wisdom, power and richness of divine feminine energy. The asteroid goddesses were associated with fertility, initiation, rites of passage, healing, creativity, the seasons and harvest, and the cycles of life. They add a fresh perspective to understand your talents, hopes and desires and to reveal the gifts of the goddess. Inside you is a wise, beautiful modern day goddess energy.

Big Picture

The chart can illuminate the big picture. Astrology can help when there are big changes, transitions, highs and lows, life passages and turning points. A reading can give you the deeper significance and a fresh perspective and align with your true journey. It can also help you to make sense of the cycles that flash point at different ages to restore resolve and purpose.

Year Ahead

For existing clients who have had a chart reading, this session looks at the astro weather trends for the next 12 months. It looks at the energy patterns that are unfolding in the next 12 months so you can take advantage of the major themes and influences in the near future to help you make choices to work in harmony with the cycles.