All spaces are vibrating with energy. Many cultures throughout the world perform sacred ceremonies to bring balance and harmony to their living and working spaces. Space Clearing clears negative energy from a home or business place and re-energises the space with uplifting, light, creative, calming energy. Every space is different so the energy atmosphere created will be unique and will support what you want to do and create in the space. Crystals and crystal grids are incorporated into the space clearing ceremony.

The session can energise the atmosphere when you change homes and offices and shift stale, negative energy and blocks. These can originate in difficult situations, people or spaces and past negative energy. There is an infusion of fresh, inspiring new energy and vitality. The session can also support the process of selling a home or business or setting up a new venture to attract health and prosperity.

The session itself draws on diverse, powerful space clearing rituals and ancient traditions and techniques to banish dull, listless energy and bring peace and equilibrium to today’s homes and businesses. It is also used to create the purpose for the space and set the intention.

This is a beautiful, supportive ceremony that clears and brings transformation to the space and brings nourishment and renewal to the occupants. It releases the energetic creativity of the sacred space.