Business Flow

Consultations to nurture your entrepreneur spirit at any age or stage and tap into your inner wisdom to bring heart and soul to your business and life vision. How to conquer any self-limiting beliefs and silence the inner critic. You will draw out your vision and plan for you to grow your business ideas. Incorporates astrology, crystals, oracle cards, intention, ritual.


Start accelerating down your career path today - find motivation and fulfilment and financial success with this insightful reading! Are you pursuing the right career? Does it celebrate your strengths, creativity and leave you feeling enriched at the end of the day? Are you earning the financial rewards you deserve? Discover your professional career gifts and talents. Look at ways to supercharge your career success.

Further explore the career indicators in the natal chart in depth over 3 sessions. Oracle cards will provide more insight on career choices. A touch of magic, intention and ritual will help overcome obstacles and visualize a career that you love.

Life Purpose

A career is a set of skills and talents you incorporate into your work sphere. A vocation may express itself in the form of career, however vocation evokes innermost gifts, passions, dreams and life purpose. These themes are explored in a practical session to provide insight into vocational strengths and life direction.

Further explore the life purpose direction in the natal chart in depth over 3 sessions. Includes how to uncover and create the practical steps toward realizing your visions and goals through rituals to help overcome obstacles and limiting beliefs, tarot and oracle cards.