I use a blend of modalities including astrology, crystal healing, sacred space, oracle card readings, soul coaching, intuitive feng shui and more. I have blended practical experience in the corporate world, publishing, university, travel, family life and lots more. I have always been interested in mind, body and spirit ideas but followed a traditional career path after I finished university. I lifted my head out of an astrology book to decide to follow my passion and do multi diplomas in astrology and studies in intuitive awareness, oracle cards, tarot, crystal healing, reiki, meditation, energetic healing, shaminism and more wonderful subjects.

I keep exploring and love to study the astrology archetypes, crystals, natural cycles and ways to live an intuitive, purposeful life.

I help create possibilities to uncover your potential and purpose. I am practical and grounded and work with uncovering choice-centred, creative ideas. I inspire and empower you to release limiting beliefs and reconnect with your true potential, both personally and professionally. I conduct individual consultations, workshops, and training programs on various topics in astrology, crystals, personal alignment, intuitive living, and career change.

I work with people who wish to embrace soul-centred positive growth and are here to shine in their personal and professional lives and I consult with businesses to expand and grow with focus and intention.

I live in Sydney near the beach. The Sun, beach and tropical gardens are part of the local space landscape, so the sense of place is part of the name of Astrotropic.

Alice can be contacted by email