Astrology is a language of symbols and each symbol provides an expression of the self and your role in the world. It is a tool for self-awareness and insight and shows how to tap into the positive characteristics of the chart to uncover your unique talents and gifts. It is a way of revealing the mystery of the archetypal forces symbolized by the planets at work in daily life. The powerful link from the stars to the heart leads us to understanding our goals and to a way of shaping a positive future.

Do you want to

  • Attract more opportunities
  • Overcome blocks and obstacles
  • Bring clarity to a situation or issue
  • Shift energy
  • Change perspective
  • Get started. Get motivated. Initiate change and transformation
  • Attract love
  • Release your inner goddess
  • Get a boost of confidence from the stars

Start Shining
There are individual Astro Inspirations and Astro Consultation sessions, workshops, and training programs on various topics in crystals, personal growth and balance, intuitive living, sacred space, space clearing, soul coaching, business and career change and more.

Crystals have been used since ancient times to create balance, healing and empowerment in many different areas of your life. Crystal therapy is a gentle system of holistic healing which draws on the unique qualities of crystals to balance the energy fields around the body, home and office.

Astrology is a direct, creative way to harness the signposts of the chart to empower your life. The readings are down-to earth and practical, infused with astro and crystal inspiration. The session weaves in crystals and intuitive therapies, oracle cards, intention, visualization and meditation.

Do you want to have a business with heart and soul? The consultation looks at how to express your authentic ideals in today’s business world. Astrology explains how you can harness your natural talents and instincts to make sure they are incorporated into your business.